Artificial Grass Vs Outdoor Carpet – Which One Is Better For You?

Did you know the average American golf course uses 312,000-gallons of water per day?

That’s a staggering amount if you think about the number of fairways and greens around the world…

Believe it or not, your home lawn is just as thirsty. While it might not be the size of a golf course, it’s still consuming thousands of gallons of water over a year.

Let’s get real; your grass is overrated. Why go through the hassle of watering, cutting, and maintaining your lawn when there is a better solution?

Using artificial turf as a lawn replacement is a great way to save both time and money on watering and maintenance.

On the other hand, some people might consider using outdoor carpet, but don’t know which one’s better…

In this article, we’ll explain the differences between the two. Later, we’ll also give you our recommendation on the best choice for your lawn replacement.  

What Is Outdoor Carpet?

Outdoor carpet is the first option for your lawn replacement. This material is common in sports complexes and commercial outdoor settings like putt-putt courses and even boat decks.

It provides an easy-to-clean surface that has a look similar to rugged, short-fiber indoor carpeting.

Outdoor grass features design and construction with synthetic materials like acrylic, olefin fibers, or plastics.

It’s a durable and long-lasting flooring solution that’s available in a variety of styles and colors. The materials receive UV treatment during manufacturing, providing a fade-resistant outdoor carpet.

You can use this material in various applications, but in most cases it’s not the best choice for your backyard.

More on this later…

What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is an entirely different outdoor surfacing system. Introduced in 1966 at the Houston Astrodome studio, the management team decided it was the ideal replacement solution to the dying turf on the field.

With this installation, artificial grass became the benchmark for indoor sports stadiums around the globe!

Artificial grass is designed to be a complete replacement for grass. If your dog pees on the lawn; it won’t stain or damage the area.

This pet-friendly design allows the liquid to move between a perforated backing, keeping your lawn dry. Just rinse down the grass to clean the area!

You will also get better resilience against wear and tear compared to outdoor carpet. It won’t stretch and contort like the backing on an outdoor carpet.

The fibers in your artificial lawn are also fully synthetic, and they don’t absorb moisture or stain.

The UV-resistant material ensures it will not fade in the sun, staying green for decades!

Artificial grass won’t collect mold or mildew like outdoor carpets. The porous construction of artificial lawn does not collect moisture, which prevents the growth of mold.

Finally, artificial grass is non-abrasive and won’t cause rug burns like outdoor carpet. Best of all, artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing.

Chances are your guests won’t even tell the difference!

Artificial Grass And Outdoor Carpets – How Do You Install Them?

Sure, it’s possible to do this yourself if you are handy with tools. However, it’s a heavy-duty ordeal, and we recommend paying an expert to do it properly.

The process is more extensive for artificial grass. You’ll need to install an underlay backing for drainage, and then fit the artificial grass on top of this layer.

Outdoor carpet typically doesn’t require this same underlayer. That’s also why it doesn’t drain as well as artificial grass systems.

Artificial grass is easy to join, providing a seamless finish to your lawn. Since the individual blades have pile heights, the joints in the flooring are easily disguised.

However, an outdoor carpet doesn’t provide the same seamless look. After a few months, you may begin to notice the joint lines, reducing its visual appeal.

Overall, artificial grass might be a bit harder to install, but the result is a classy-looking lawn!

Which Has the Better Look and Feel?

An outdoor carpet doesn’t look anything like real grass. Sure, it can come in green, but that’s about as close as the comparison gets.

Artificial grass features design and construction with synthetic materials similar to outdoor carpets. However, the manufacturing process is entirely different, producing life-like blades of grass woven into a porous layer.

You get artificial grass in various pile heights, designed to look just like natural blades of grass.

As a result, your artificial lawn will also feel like real grass under your feet.

An artificial grass lawn is easy to maintain, and you sweep it down like you would a floor, using a regular brush. The material is soft, silky, and weather-resistant, and feels just as good as it looks!

Which One Is Easier to Maintain?

Both artificial grass and outdoor carpet are easy to maintain. However, with outdoor carpet, you don’t benefit from the same technology as artificial grass lawns.

Spills and accidents might stain or damage to outdoor carpet, requiring a costly replacement or a repair. With artificial grass, you get a stain-free surface.

If pets urinate on your outdoor carpet, it’s an annoying cleanup process. But artificial grass lets you rinse it away without any staining.

Artificial grass is also durable in all weather conditions. But your outdoor carpet will likely flood and remain waterlogged for days after a rainstorm.

This can also lead to mold and mildew, as well as bacteria growth.

With properly installed artificial grass, you get a surface that drains well. Since there are no drainage problems with artificial grass, you will have way fewer problems to deal with.

The Verdict

Overall, an artificial grass is the superior choice for your new lawn. The installation process might be challenging, but an expert can put it in and have it looking great in just a few hours.

On the other hand, outdoor carpet is a good for some commercial settings. But it simply doesn’t belong in your home.

An artificial grass lawn saves you time and money on maintenance in the long run, while giving your yard a luscious look year-round.

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